Newfoundland Outdoor Adventures is a guide service that has been operating since 2003. They speciallize in Atv / Snowmobile tours, and guide services for both Fishing & Hunting excursions. Their web site was also established in 2003.

About NFLD Outdoor Adventures

Location: Bloomfield, Newfoundland
Business Size: >1-2 Employees
Project Length: 70 Days

The Big Idea!!
In 2003 Newfoundland Outdoor Adventures appeared as a start-up in the Newfoundland tourism scene. They started out with no advertising materials. Anyone in the Travel & Tourism sector is keenly aware of the necessity of a web site, and they were no different.

The one thing that they had going for them was that they hat been running tours informally for a few years, and they had a large collection of pictures.

We were retained to build them to build…..well, everything!

Our Assessment of Needs / Recommendations:

  1. Design a brand that centered around the colours and feel of nature, featuring plenty of pictures that will sell their services.
  2. Provide Testimonials, and a place for customers to leave comments.
  3. Develop a newsletter to entice people back.
  4. Develop print media with the same branding & colour scheme.

Solutions Provided

To maximize impact, we decided to build a custom web site from scratch. The graphic design and layout were done over the period of about a 45 days. A custom flash animation was developed for the homepage to clearly illustrate what they were about.

  1. Custom Graphic design & Layout
  2. Image Editing / Enhancement
  3. Custom Flash Development
  4. Search Engine Optimization
  5. Web Hosting
  6. Logo Development
  7. Print Design – Business Cards, Posters & Flyers (Full Color)

Project Outcome