The first question – Do I need a web site?

Presumably you are here because you have either decided that you need a web site, or you are immersed in the process of making the decision. While we can’t answer this question for you, we can give you an idea as to why most people hire us to build sites. This may help you a little in making your decision.
Generally, we are contracted to design web sites for one (or more) of the following reasons:

  1. You need a Web site to make your business better. The web site serves as a tool to improve your Business. Your site could increase company efficiency or productivity. It may serve you by helping to sell more products. It may help you to offer better customer service. Either way you are improving things.
  2. You have a big idea. You may have a great idea for a web site that is not really related to your Business. The site is a business in its own right. We see this commonly with first-time Business owners. However, we also see existing Business owners that add new branches to their Businesses holdings in this manner.
  3. Your customers keep telling you that you need a site.We hear this one a lot! If your customers keep telling you this, maybe you should listen!

If you need more advice, feel free contact us for a free consultation.

The Web design process involves a lot more than building Web sites.

There are literally thousands of people out there that possess the skills to design Web sites. Why it then, that only a tiny fraction of these people become Web designers with a track record of successful projects?

The answer is simple. A good web design firm possesses more than “skills”. They must also have the ability to successfully translate your ideas into a working site. At the end of the process, the form and function of what you see should match your initial vision. Sounds easy, but few can do it.

Let’s illustrate with an example.

Suppose you hired an Architect to design you a home based upon your vision of the perfect home. There are two sides to this relationship. On one side is your idea, on the other side is the Architect’s drawing. Let’s assume that the Architect can’t read your mind, and you are unable to draw.

The Million Dollar Question: How do your ideas get drawn accurately on the page?

The Answer: In addition to possessing creative ability and technical skills, the truly great Architects are good at cheating. How do they cheat? They ask a lot of questions, and they know which questions to ask. They also listen to your questions. This allows them to sync the vision in your head, with the vision in their head. It may require a few tries, but your final design will be spot on with your original concept.

The best designers are consultants

We follow this process because we believe in it. We ask a lot of questions, and we know which questions to ask. This comes from intuition, and experience. This is why we don’t fail.

The best designer produces exactly what the client needs.

We have a lot to offer you. During the course of your project we will make suggestions. We usually suggest things that you may wish to include in your site. These may be elements that you had not thought of, or were unaware of. One of the reasons that you hire a professional is that we know what is possible.

We may also suggest limiting, or leaving out some of your ideas as well. If this deviates in some way from your vision, we will clearly explain our rationale.

Ultimately, the final decision is up to you. After all you are the client, and it is your site.