In the early days Internet Marketing was pretty simple. The idea was to put up a web site, and drive as many visitors to the site as possible. It was (and still is) effective, especially if you sell products that can be shipped anywhere around the world.

But what if you sell a service? What if you sell a product that can’t be shipped easily over a long distance? All that traffic from all over the world isn’t much use to you.

No matter how you look at it, traffic of any kind will cost you some money. If a lot of it comes from people that you can’t sell to, your dollars are wasted.

That’s where local Internet marketing techniques come in. Local Internet Marketing is a relatively new flavour of Internet Marketing that focuses specifically on getting business within a fairly narrow Geographical area that is close to your Business.

There are a variety of proven techniques that can be deployed that will identify and preferentially target customers from your general geographical region.

These techniques are particularly well suited for Businesses that are service based such as Landscapers, Home Inspectors, Mechanics etc.

What does this have to do with you? Plenty.

According to Google data 20% of searches on Google are made by people that will go on to purchase either goods or services locally. If we look at searches that are made using mobile devices such as smart phones this figure goes up to 53%.

It is a pretty safe bet that if someone is searching locally, they are interested in purchasing locally. Odds are that if they find you as one of their search results they will contact you. This trend is easy to capitalize on – if you know what you are doing.

The steady increase in local search means that the opportunities for your business should be growing proportionally. It follows from this that the number of leads that are generated from your web site should also be growing steadily. Are they?

There is more out there than just search traffic

In addition to search traffic, there are a lot of other ways to get local customers to your Web site. It is really a matter of choosing the right target audience, and devising the most effective ways that we can access them. In our experience, Internet marketing of this type delivers fairly immediate results, and is always more cost effective than mass media.

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