Imagine having a new web site in a couple of weeks? Sounds crazy doesn’t it…..especially if you have been in the Web Solutions Business as long as we have. Sites used to take months because everything had to be built from scratch. Then blogs came along, and everything changed. Time frame and project costs have now gone way down.

A blog is a content management system that was traditionally used to publish an online journal, usually by individuals that have something to say. The most commonly used blog platform is WordPress. WordPress has developed to the point where it can now be used to build a full featured web site for your business. This can be done quickly, with relatively low cost. To read more about this try reading What is WordPress?

While sites based upon WordPress can be rolled out fairly fast, many Businesses are opting to take a little more time to customize their WordPress sites to more closely match their corporate identity and vision.

These days, this represents a lot of the design work that we do. We can layout and design a truly custom WordPress Site Template for you, one that is yours and yours alone. This layout is then built into a custom theme that still runs on the WordPress framework. This still allows you to to take advantage of the benefits of using WordPress (such as easy management and organization of your site), while maintaining the exact corporate presentation that you desire.

This process requires some custom coding, and is best done by a professional designer & programmer. However, given the low cost of this process, the results can be truly stunning, and more importantly, very impressive to your potential clients.

That’s the ticket!