Copywriting for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is very similar to standard copywriting. However in addition to persuading your prospective client, it actually acts as as a lead generator because the major search engines rank it for keywords & keyphrases that are related to your product or service.

How is this done?

In general, the same techniques of persuasion and conversion that you would find in a standard piece off sales copy are used. However, there is one critical difference. Several well chosen key phrases are integrated into the sales copy to entice the major search engines to rank you for these phrases. While the search engine will make up its own mind regarding what key phrases your site will rank well for, we do have some control over how this plays out. We can find the phrases that offer the best opportunities for getting you ranked, and incorporate them into your Web sites copy. This helps the search engine to decide what themes your page should rank competitively for.

The real skill lies in being able to write compelling, persuasive copy that is well ranked by a search engine.

You have undoubtedly seen such pages that aren’t this way. They are blatantly made for a search engine – and it shows. You may easily find such a page while searching, but when you get there the overuse of search phrases causes the copy to be hard to read, and more importantly quite unpersuasive (Which is the whole point of any page!).  The best case scenario is that you receive traffic but it has a low conversion rate; the worst case scenario that the page is identified as a spammy valueless page which is banned from the search engine altogether so that no one can find it.